Meet Sabrina & Luke

Meet Sabrina & Luke

Live Sympl was founded by a Nurse & Entrepreneur to make it easy for people living demanding lives to wake up early and conquer their days.

Luke and Sabrina, like so many others, have to wake up early but struggled with waking up early consistently and in no way considered themselves morning people so they were determined to find a way to make waking up early easy, natural, and sustainable.

After two years of rigorously reviewing case studies, testing formulas, and finding the perfect flavor they launched Wake Sympl.

Wake Sympl is an All-Natural Awakening Nootropic Formula you make the night before and enjoy first thing upon waking that gives you clean energy, electrolytes for hydration, and nootropics to boost your mood and focus so you can finally become a morning person and conquer your days!

While Wake Sympl is made for everyone, nurses and healthcare workers have a special place in our hearts and we're focusing on helping as many as we can!